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    Arne & Carlos Field Guide to Knitted Birds

    Arne & Carlos Field Guide to Knitted Birds

    Birds of a feather... knit together!

    With their trademark style, clarity, and humor, let Arne & Carlos guide you on a journey into a delightfully vivid knitted bird kingdom! Inspired by nature at home and abroad, as well as far off, fantastical places, this is the ideal guide for knitted bird lovers, whether creating with decorative purpose or just for fun.

    • Knit Characters from the Arne & Carlos home-garden in Tonsåsen, Norway: the characteristic bullfinch, chickadee, and wagtail, to name a few.
    • Make charming cold-weather birds with Norwegian traditional knitting patterns, and keep them warm with bird-sized wool caps and scarves.
    • Discover brilliant birds-of-paradise, brought alive with embroidery, sequins, and feathers.
    • Spread your wings a little further with birds featuring vintage Mexican embroidery motifs, flower patterns, and so much more!

    Clear instructions, helpful diagrams, and full-color photographs make it easy for every knitter's imagination to take flight.

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