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    Knitting Barber Cord

    Knitting Barber Cord
    • Knitting Barber Cord
    • Knitting Barber Cord

    The Knitting Barber Cord is a fantastic new notion that will make putting stitches on hold a breeze!  They're hollow cables, made of silicone, that are flexible and smooth and make wonderful, long stitch holders.  To use, you press the end of the cord onto the tip of the needle and gently slip the stitches to the cable for to hold, and vice versa for placing the stitches back on to the needles.

    These work well for sleeves or body stitches and are perfect for trying on a garment as it is lightweight, flexible and easy to use.  Or maybe you need a busy needle for a new project?  No, that never happens!  This flexible cord will make your knitting life easier and certainly more colorful.  Click here to see Elizabeth Smith's tutorial on how to use these great cords!

    Sold as a set of three cables, one at 60"/150 cm length and two at 30"/75 cm length.  The come in a little tin to keep them safe and sound.  They are available in 14 colors.

    You're going to love this new style of stitch holder and wonder how we got along without it!

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