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    Beginning Nuno Felting Workshop

    Beginning Nuno Felting Workshop
    • Beginning Nuno Felting Workshop
    • Beginning Nuno Felting Workshop
    • Beginning Nuno Felting Workshop
    • Beginning Nuno Felting Workshop

    Saturday, September 29 from 10:00 am-4:00 pm

    Six-hour workshop with lunch break (please bring your own lunch)

    Skills Learned:
    In this workshop we will explore nuno (meaning cloth in Japanese) felting and learn
    how silk or gauze and other fibers attach themselves to each other to create very beautiful
    flowing fabrics. You’ll see how the silk maintains its lightness while the thin layers of
    wool that you add become a decorative element and add body to the silk. In this
    introductory workshop we will begin by creating a “sampler” to understand how
    placement and materials relate to one another to become one piece of fabric.
    We will learn how to add the wool in thin layers to retain the suppleness of the
    silk by designing with simple motifs for maximum success in the final outcome.
    The afternoon will entail creating our scarf from designing to felting, resulting in a
    beautiful finished nuno-felted scarf.


    Silk blanks for sampler and scarf, wool and other fibers, yarn embellishments,
    and all supplies needed to complete a nuno felted sampler and scarf

    Additional Info:
    Please wear clothes that can get messy and/or wet. An apron would be helpful.
    Please bring a couple of old bath towels to be used in the felting process.
    Please bring your lunch.

    Important Note:
    The process of felting requires a good deal of physical effort.  For success in this
    workshop you must be able to stand for a good part of the day and exercise your
    shoulders, arms and back for an extended period of time to complete the felting process.
    You may be a wee bit sore in those spots the next day.

    Susan Pennoyer

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