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    HerStory December: Burnout

    HerStory December: Burnout
    • HerStory December: Burnout
    • HerStory December: Burnout
    • HerStory December: Burnout
    • HerStory December: Burnout
    • HerStory December: Burnout

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    The idea for the December HerStory yarn came from the realization that the goal of reading the book, Burnout, is to achieve its opposite.  Knitted Wit's take on the opposite of the book's cover was to achieve something cool and comfortable and soothing. So, using their "giggling technique", they went the opposite route to softly blend blues and teals and greens and whites into a cool and soothing colorway.  Learn more about the book and it's authors below.

    Burnout, by twin sisters Emily and Amelia Nagoski, is the how-to-move-forward-in-a-difficult-world-with-all-of-the-expectations-of-being-a-person-in-that-world manual we all need. The book's goal is not only to explain the primary cause of emotional exhaustion, but to provide useful and accessible tools to actually process and deal with it. Stressors are an inescapable part of life, and we think it's safe to say that we all know that existing within a state of stress for long periods will lead to over-exhaustion and a laundry list of problems. Knowing how to break through those cycles is a coping mechanism most of us could use. The sisters provide accessible information and many different paths toward what is the ultimate goal: completing the stress cycle.

    This book explains how that stress manifests itself, using real-life examples from mostly women in the author's lives (including themselves), and then provides different ways to, as they say time and time again, complete those cycles. Some teasers of the techniques the sisters recommend to complete stress cycles are: a good cry, a bit of exercise, a 20-second (or longer) hug with a loved one. 

    We think you'll love this brightly colored yarn and the book it was inspired by and named after.

    Fiber Content – 80% Superwash Merino, 20% Nylon
    Weight – Fingering
    Needle Size – US 1 - 3 / 2.25mm 3.25mm
    Hook Size – US B - D  / 2.25mm - 3.25mm
    Skein Weight – 4 oz / 113 grams
    Skein Yardage - 420 yards / 384 meters
    Care – Hand wash cold. Lay flat to dry.
    Country of Origin – United States

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