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Knit Nights
Wednesdays from 5:00 - 7:00pm

    Knit: A Personal Handbook

    Knit:  A Personal Handbook

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     A beautiful handbook of more than 100 blank pages waiting to be filled with notes, sketches, photos, yarn snips, fabric swatches, maybe even the occasional poem, Knit is the perfect companion for anyone committed to exploring their creativity or simply consolidating the myriad scraps of paper that currently make up their organizational system.

    Casual knitters can treat Knit: A Personnel Handbook as a general diary of everyday notes, while more prolific knitters and designers can use it as a place to sketch patterns and track progress on complex projects. For all levels of proficiency, the built-in needle gauge/ruler, zip-shut pouch, pocketed dividers, and comprehensive reference sections are indispensable.

    Among the special reference materials are a needle inventory chart; a calendar of holidays and knitting events; fill-in directories for favorite yarn sources and patterns; yardage requirement charts; and a basic hat pattern sized from baby to adult. Knitters can even learn how to say yarn shop in more than twenty languages.  

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