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    MDK Field Guide #19 Marls

    MDK Field Guide #19 Marls
    • MDK Field Guide #19 Marls
    • MDK Field Guide #19 Marls
    • MDK Field Guide #19 Marls
    • MDK Field Guide #19 Marls

    The star of Field Guide #19 Marls is designer Cecelia Campochiaro, author of many books including Making Marls, her newest and most colorful yet!

    Cecelia’s designs featured in the Field Guide #19 Marls explore marling in five very cool projects. There’s something for every knitter, simple to spectacular.

    Striped Marl Hat.  Two skeins gives you the chance to try out marling on a sweet little hat.
    Marlogram Scarf/Cowl. What happens when you marl two yarns that already have a slow gradient shift to them? Who knows? That’s the fun here.
    Spectra Sweater. Cecelia turns her marled stripes vertical with a sideways construction, very fun!
    Swarf. Technically a dickie, this is such a cool, modern layer, perfect for when we crave warmth, but don’t crave a bunch of extra sleevage. 
    Color Explosion Throw. Here’s the project that has the MDKers starry eyed. 

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