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    Mini Amigurumi

    Mini Amigurumi

    Try this fun Japanese craze – Amigurumi! The excitement over adorable crocheted toys known as amigurumi has gone global. If, like so many crafters, you’ve been bitten by the bug – or want to learn more about it – get a copy of Mini Amigurumi.

    Tiny treasures with big personalities! Just let your imagination lead the way as you explore all the ways these teeny-tiny wonders can be used: key rings, charms, hair accessories, jewelry, even within a doll house or other miniature pieces of art. Of course, once you’ve fashioned your own tiny treasures, you’ll want to make some to give to all your friends!

    Mini Amigurumi shows you all the basic crochet techniques you'll need to make these little mini friends, along with step-by-step illustrations of the process. But, if you’re unsure about working on such a small scale – no problem. It’s easy to practice with larger hooks and thicker yarn – the patterns are exactly the same. And when you’re ready, simply downsize!

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