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    Art of Landscape Knitting

    Art of Landscape Knitting
    • Art of Landscape Knitting
    • Art of Landscape Knitting
    • Art of Landscape Knitting
    • Art of Landscape Knitting

    Knit beautiful, bespoke blankets that reflect your favorite landscapes with this original pattern collection.  Designer, Anne Le Brocq, has created a collection of 50 knitting pattern designs for different kinds of landscape and weather features so whether you live near the mountains or by the sea, you can knit your own landscape blanket.

    The 50 pattern swatches include wet sand, pebbles, footprints, rain, clouds, different kinds of tree foliage, mountains, sand dunes and more. There are written instructions and numbered charts for each of the landscape swatches, as well as stunning photography showing the inspiration for each of the designs.  These swatches are the perfect ‘on-the-move’ project because you can knit one square at a time and join them together to make a blanket, perfect for taking with you in your project bag.

    However, if you prefer to knit a blanket in one rather than joining the individual swatches at the end, there are also instructions for how to use the swatch patterns as vertical and horizontal repeats.

    As well as the pattern swatch library there are seven finished blankets to illustrate how the pattern swatches can be used. All of the blankets have instructions for using the swatches as well as how to knit them in one so you can choose your preferred method.

    The author uses a wide range of different yarns – including gradient yarns – to show how colour and fibre can change the effect of the finished blanket. The solid colour changes emphasize the different landscape features whereas the gradient yarns create a more subtle effect.  This unique concept will inspire you to knit your own favourite landscapes and create beautiful, bespoke blankets that evoke the world around us.  Watch this video book review on The Art of Landscape Knitting.

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