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    Potholder Loom

    Potholder Loom
    • Potholder Loom
    • Potholder Loom

    There’s probably someone you know who made potholders on a loom like this when they were a child. It’s one of those wonderful old fashioned inventions still popular and useful today. It’s fun, and easy to do for all ages! Each kit makes two (2) 6" x 6" potholders. The traditional looms are metal, not plastic, and the loops are custom made to ensure quality. Use this kit to make potholders for your home or give them as gifts!


    • Sturdy Metal Loom 7" x 7"
    • Metal Weaving Hook
    • Plastic Crochet Hook for finishing
    • 100% Cotton Loops in 12 bright colors (enough for two potholders)
    • Illustrated Instructions 

    Also, check out the fun Potholder Design Book with 140 color design ideas to try on your potholder loom. Additional loops are available in our curated color loop packs by Friendly Loom!

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