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    Lumos Knitting Light

    Lumos Knitting Light
    • Lumos Knitting Light
    • Lumos Knitting Light
    • Lumos Knitting Light

    The Lumos knitting light is the ideal way to ease your eyestrain and prevent migraines while knitting or crocheting. This fantastic multi-purpose neck light will illuminate your project whether you're doing some evening crafting or working with dark materials. The Lumos Light is light-weight, rechargeable, hands-free and has soft-to-the-touch bendable arms with three light modes.  It's ideal for working in a car or dimly lit places.  It can live in your knitting/crocheting bag so you'll have it ready whenever you need it.  The Lumos Light features include:

    • 3 different color temperatures, yellow(3000K), white(6000K), and warm white(4000K)
    • Infinitely adjustable brightness
    • Lightweight design only weighs 3.4 oz
    • Rechargeable with built-in 1000mAh battery.
    • Charges in 2 hours and lasts more than 8 hours at one go.
    • Skin-friendly, no sweat, soft to touch premium silicone coating
    • Flexible like a yoga lady
    • Completely hands-free
    • Each lamp head works independently
    • Doesn't affect your sleeping cycle with no flicker and blue light blocking setting
    • Spotlight design doesn't disturb people around you.

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