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    Mix & Match Modern Crochet Blankets

    Mix & Match Modern Crochet Blankets
    • Mix & Match Modern Crochet Blankets
    • Mix & Match Modern Crochet Blankets
    • Mix & Match Modern Crochet Blankets

    Open up your world of crochet design!  This book features 100 crochet strip patterns for modern striped blankets and brings you a world of ideas for crochet blankets.  Using this book as a guide, you can choose to combine the beautiful strips to make a design that will be unique to you!

    Making modular blankets is not a new concept, but most books tend to focus on granny squares to do this. By crocheting individual strips instead, you can achieve a much more modern look, with pattern, colour and texture variations tailored to suit your individual style. Working in this modular way makes crocheting blankets achievable, portable and fun since each strip is worked along the short edge, making long starting chains a thing of the past!

    Each strip pattern is given in US crochet terms, with written pattern and chart for making a standard throw-blanket-width strip (40in/100cm across). Advice is given on adjusting the width of the strips for smaller or larger blankets.

    Chapters include Classic Stitches, Tapestry Crochet, Mosaic Crochet, Texture, Cables and Ribs, and Embellishments.  Mix & Match Modern Crochet Blankets offers almost infinite possibilities to create distinctive striped blankets that are fun to make as well as beautiful when finished.

    As well as the 100 strip patterns, there are 5 example blankets showing different combinations of strips, plus additional ideas for using the strips in other ways, such as scarves, bags and homewares.

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