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    Modern Ornate Stud Buttons - Set of 3 in Tin

    Modern Ornate Stud Buttons - Set of 3  in Tin

    The Modern Ornate Stud Buttons are inspired by the crisp, relaxed spiral and scrolling motifs you see on contemporary new-traditional architecture in Bali, Indonesia where JUL designer Agus Astradhi lives and works full time.  This new style of (re)moveable styling tack has a stud element that is integrated into the button that slips through a simple leather disk to hold the button neatly in place.

    To use the buttons, simply remove the leather backing, slip the button shaft in between the stitches of your knitwear / crochetwear and then pop the leather backing on the shaft on the back side of your material.  These stud buttons are quick, and easy to use and will complement your shawls and garments with style!

    Set includes three Stud Buttons, one circle, one square and one triangle, packaged in a re-useable metal tin with a clear lid.  Product details:

    • White Brass - Satin finish with black accents
    • Size approximately - 1 inch
    • Shaft length from button face to bead - 3/8 inch
    • Diameter of stud button backing - approximately 1 inch
    • Handmade Fair Trade in Indonesia

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