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    Ornament Blanks Natural

    Ornament Blanks Natural
    • Ornament Blanks Natural
    • Ornament Blanks Natural

    These are the same balls that come in the Ornament Party kit. This 6-pack is of wool ball blanks perfect for people who already have wool and needles and just want the balls, or for those who have purchased the kit but want extra balls to extend the felting fun. Plus they come packaged in a cute reusable bag!

    These balls are *partially* felted. They still have a good bit of squish to them, unlike wool dryer balls. They were made this way so that it's easy to poke into them while you're decorating. We love them because it takes less time to start with pre-made balls than making balls from scratch - easier and less daunting for new felters to jump right in!

    Please note that these balls will not all be perfectly round when you open them. Because they are still squishy, they will need some felting to firm them up + round and smooth them out as they can get dented and flattened in places during transit.

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