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    Painting Shawls

    Painting Shawls
    • Painting Shawls
    • Painting Shawls
    • Painting Shawls

    Painting Shawls contains 13 knitting patterns to paint with yarn. The shawl patterns featured in the book are a mixture of new and existing Westknits shawl patterns. They all feature a main colour with contrast colour pops, so you can customise the colours for your own wearable work of art.

    This new hardcover book is beautifully photographed with multiple samples for each design to help you visualise your own colourful creation. 172 pages feature 13 shawl patterns in addition to extra images and chapters about substituting yarns, swatching, blocking, and customising the size of the shawls.

    Each book contains a digital download code, so you can access PDF files of all patterns. Journey into the woolly world of Westknits and use the artistic patterns as landscapes to paint within the shawl frame.

    The patterns included in this book are:

    • Painting Bricks
    • Painting Chevrons
    • Painting Columns
    • Painting Diamonds
    • Painting Honeycombs - Big Honeycombs
    • Painting Honeycombs - Little Honeycombs
    • Painting Parallelograms
    • Painting Rainbows
    • Painting Squares
    • Painting Stripes
    • Painting Triangles
    • Painting Waves
    • Stitch by Numbers

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