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  • Beginner Crochet Techniques

    Beginner Crochet Techniques
    The Spruce Crafts

    Beginner Crochet Techniques

    Important Note: this list uses US crochet terms, however, many of the videos will use UK and US terms. If you are getting confused, please click here to refer to the abbreviation and term differences guide.

    Looking for a video that shows these same techniques but in slow motion? Click here for instructions on how to slow down any YouTube video.


     1 - Slip Knot

    Bella Coco

    This video will give you three techniques for how to make a slip knot so you can find the method that makes the most sense to you. This is the first step to making any crochet project.
    For the left handed version click


    2 - Chain Stitch or Foundation Chain 

    Bella Coco

    This video will show you how to do the chain stitch, which can be used on its own but is most commonly used as the foundation for various crochet projects.


    3 - Slip Stitch

    HappyBerry Crochet

    This video will demonstrate how to do a slip stitch and compare it to a single crochet. This technique is useful for joining rounds or creating a trim on a finished project.


    4 - Single Crochet

    Bella Coco

    This video will show you how to do the single crochet stitch. This is one of the most common stitches and is the primary building block of most patterns.


    5 - Half Double Crochet

     HappyBerry Crochet

    This video shows you how to do the half double crochet stitch. This stitch is bigger than a single crochet stitch and creates a nice tight fabric.


    6 - Double Crochet

    HappyBerry Crochet

    This video shows you how to do the double crochet stitch. This is a medium sized stitch and is quite common.


    7 - Triple or Treble Crochet

    HappyBerry Crochet

    This video shows you how to make the triple or treble crochet stitch. This is a large stitch and leaves holes in the fabric.


    8 - How to Crochet for Beginners: Single Crochet

    Bella Coco

    This video gives a good step by step tutorial for creating a single crochet sample square. This covers making a slip knot, the foundation chain, single crochet, working in rows and tying off your yarn. If you're looking to try your first piece of crocheting this is a good place to start and if you need more help on any specific step check one of the other videos on this list.
    For the left handed version click here.


    9 - Increasing and Decreasing

     Forever Bliss Crochet

    This video shows you how to increase from 1 to 2 or 1 to 3 and decrease from 2 to 1 or 3 to 1. This is the technique that will help you create shaping in your projects.


    10 - Changing Colors

    Bella Coco

    This video will show you how to change colors at the beginning or in the middle of a row.


     11 - Crochet in the Round

    Gleeful Things

    This video shows you how to start a project when crocheting in the round and how to use stitch markers to keep you on track.


    12 - Blocking and Setting Acrylic Pieces

    Bella Coco

    This video will show you some techniques for blocking and setting acrylic pieces. Blocking is useful when you've created a wearable piece or a blanket and want a specific fit or final look. Setting can be useful for small decorative items and help them hold their shape. Neither of these methods are necessary for your finished project and in general, acrylic yarn will not hold its shape as well as natural fibers if you plan on washing the piece.


    13 - Blocking Natural Fibers


    This video explains why and how to block a garment. Although this technique is shown on a knitted piece, a garment crocheted from a natural fiber yarn should be blocked before wearing and washing as well. This is not necessary for smaller pieces but overall we recommend blocking your work to give a clean finished look.


    Looking for a technique not listed here? Check our other lists or send us an email with suggestions and questions at