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  • Beginner Knitting Techniques

    Beginner Knitting Techniques
    Stitch & Story

    Beginner Knitting Techniques: From Start to Finish

    Looking for a video that shows these same techniques but in slow motion? Click here for instructions on how to slow down any YouTube video.


    1 - Slip Knot

    verypink knits

    This is the first step of a Long Tail Cast-On (shown below).


    2 - Long Tail Cast-On

    verypink knits

    This is a great first cast-on to learn and can be used for many types of projects.


    3 - Knit Stitch

    verypink knits

    This is one of the two most basic stitches that all knitting projects and other techniques are built off of.


    4 - Purl Stitch

    verypink knits

    This is the second of the two most basic stitches that all knitting projects and other techniques are built off of.


    5 - Slip Stitches: How Should I Slip This Stitch?

    verypink knits

    This video covers a few different ways to do a slip stitch, when they might be useful and what to do if your pattern doesn't specify a particular method.


    6 - Knit Through the Back Loop (ktbl)

    verypink knits

    This is a basic stitch that you might encounter in a pattern.


    7 - Bind Off

    verypink knits

    This is a classic bind off technique and can be used on many types of projects.


    8 - Weaving in Ends in Stockinette

    verypink knits

    This video shows you the correct way to weave in ends so that your work maintains its stretch and all the ends are secure.


    9 - Weaving in Ends in Garter Stitch

    verypink knits

    This video demonstrates a technique similar to the one above, however, the emphasis is on invisibility to preserve the double sided nature of garter stitch.


    10 - Wet Blocking


    This video explains the how-to's of blocking and why it's important.


    Looking for a technique you don't see here? Check one of our other posts or send us an email with your suggestions and questions at