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  • Knitting with Multiple Colors

    Knitting with Multiple Colors
    Nightshift by Andrea Mowry

    Knitting with Multiple Colors

    Looking for a video that shows these same techniques but in slow motion? Click here for instructions on how to slow down any YouTube video.


    1 - Changing Colors

    verypink knits

    This demonstrates the basic technique of switching from one color to another.


    2 - Carrying Color for Stripes

    verypink knits

    This is a technique for working stripes that allows you to carry the yarn up the side.


    3 - Reading Colorwork Charts

    verypink knits

    This video explains how to read a colorwork chart if you find one in your pattern. 


    4 - Intarsia

    verypink knits

    This is an intermediate colorwork technique that involves knitting a section of one color surrounded by another color. It differs from Fair Isle because it does not require you to carry floats in the back.


    5 - Fair Isle Techniques

    verypink knits

    This video gives a good overview of the Fair Isle colorwork technique.


    6 - Carrying Fair Isle Floats

    verypink knits

    This is video shows a couple methods for carrying floats in Fair Isle colorwork. The explanations begin at 2:37 if you would like to skip ahead.


    7 - Alternating Hand-Dyed Yarns

    verypink knits

    This video explains how and why you want to alternate hand dyed yarns to avoid pooling. The explanation begins at 1:57 if you would like to skip ahead.


    8 - Intarsia vs. Duplicate Stitch

    verypink knits

    This video explains the differences between intarsia colorwork and the duplicate stitch technique.


    9 - Mosaic Knitting


    This video gives a great explanation of what mosaic knitting is and how to read a charted pattern. Her demonstration is a bit tricky to see as it is faraway, check out the video below for a better close up example.

    Knit Freedom

    This video will give you a better visual of how to actually knit the mosaic technique. The pattern example in this video does not use a chart and is just another way of expressing the same concept.


    Looking for a colowork technique you don't see listed here? Send us an email with suggestions or questions at