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  • Borders, Edging & Embellishments

    Borders, Edging & Embellishments

    Borders, Edging & Embellishments

    Important Note: this list uses US crochet terms, however, many of the videos will use UK and US terms. If you are getting confused, please click here to refer to the abbreviation and term differences guide.

    Looking for a video that shows these same techniques but in slow motion? Click here for instructions on how to slow down any YouTube video.


    1 - Scallop Edging

    VeryPink Knits

    This video demonstrates the classic scalloped crochet edge. This looks great as the border to a blanket or added to a hem or collar on a garment.


    2 - Spiked Edging

    VeryPink Knits

    This is a simple border that will leave you with a clean edge but adds a fun effect.


    3 - Picot Edging

    Heart Hook Home

    This video shows you two techniques for doing the picot border. This is an easy way to finish off a blanket and create a fun but still polished edge.


    4 - Triple Picot Edging

    Bella Coco

    This is a similar border to the previous one but is a bit bigger and has more of a pronounced effect.
    For the left handed version click here.


    5 - Blocking Edging

    Bella Coco

    This is a little more involved and creates a wide border with a lace effect. 


    6 - Pom Pom Edging

    Bella Coco

    This is a fun border for a blanket but would also work well on the hem or cuffs of a garment.


    7 - Wavy Edging

    Bella Coco

    This is a nice simple finish for a blanket.


    8 - Wave Edging

    Bella Coco

    This is a fun textured edge that is a little more advanced than the wavy border above.


    9 - Puff Edging

    Bella Coco

    This is a fun textured edge that leaves a simple clean finish.


    10 - Making Pom Poms by Hand

    Club Crochet

    This video demonstrates how to make a pom pom using only your hand, some yarn and a pair of sharp scissors. 


    11 - Making Pom Poms with Cardboard

    Sheep & Stitch

    This video shows you how to make really dense pom poms using cardboard, some yarn and a pair of sharp scissors. These are perfect for making pom pom garlands or other decor.


    12 - Making Fringe

    VeryPink Knits

    This technique is commonly used on the ends of scarves or shawls, but it can also be used on the hems of garments for a funky twist.


    13 - Making Tassels

     VeryPink Knits

    This is an embellishment you can add to almost anything you like but it is most commonly used on children's hats.


    Looking for a technique we haven't listed here? Send us an email with suggestions or questions at