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  • Finishing Techniques

    Finishing Techniques

    Finishing Techniques

    Looking for a video that shows these same techniques but in slow motion? Click here for instructions on how to slow down any YouTube video.


    1 - Kitchener Stitch

    verypink knits

    This is a common technique for grafting live stitches and this video demonstrates how to do it without a tapestry needle.


    2 - Mattress Stitch

    verypink knits

    This is a common technique for seaming two pieces together. This is often used to seam up the sides of a sweater.


    3 - Seaming Garter Stitch

    verypink knits

    This is a technique for seaming garter stitch pieces side by side.


    4 - 3 Needle Bind Off

    verypink knits

    This is a technique that allows you to seam two pieces together and bind off simultaneously.


    5 - Bickford Seams

    verypink knits

    This is an alternative technique to the mattress stitch that doesn't leave a ridge, however, it is not quite as sturdy. 


    6 - Wet Blocking


    This video explains the steps to wet blocking and why it's important.


    7 - Steam Blocking

    verypink knits

    This explains how to steam block your work and when it might be useful. This technique requires an iron.


    8 - Blocking with Wires

    verypink knits

    This technique is important if you are trying to block lace.


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