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  • Everything You Need to Know

    Everything You Need to Know

    Everything You Need to Know

    Looking for a video that shows these same techniques but in slow motion? Click here for instructions on how to slow down any YouTube video.


    1 - Abbreviations

    If you come across an abbreviation in a pattern and you're not sure what it means, we've got you covered with the official lists created by the Yarn Council.

    Knitting Abbreviations List  Crochet Abbreviations List



    2 - Yarn Weight

    Craft Yarn Council

    An explanation of standardized yarn weights, recommended needle and hook sizes, and recommended gauges. 

     Standard Yarn Weight System



    3 - How to Read a Crochet Pattern

    Club Crochet

    This video gives an overview of what information you might find in a pattern and how to read it. If you've never worked from a pattern before this is a good resource for you.


    4 - How to Read a Knitting Pattern


    This video gives a good overview of different types of knitting patterns and what information you can find in your patterns. If you've never worked from a pattern before this is a good resource for you. If you are looking for information on how to read colorwork charts, check out our Knitting with Multiple Colors section and look at video #3.


    5 - Types of Wound Yarn

    verypink knits

    This explains the different ways yarn can be presented for buying or storing. If you're looking to buy yarn online or are confused by the phrasing in your pattern, this video is helpful for distinguishing between a skein, ball, hank or cake.


    6 - How to Wind a Hank into a Ball by Hand

    Sheep & Stitch

    This is a great demonstration of how to unwind a hank into a ball and is very helpful if you are unable to get your yarn wound for you at a store!


    7 - How to Find a Good Yarn Substitute

    verypink knits

    This video explains the 3 things you should keep in mind when substituting yarn. 


    8 - Calculating Yardage for Yarn Substitution 

    verypink knits

    This video walks you through the math you'll need to do when trying to substitute one yarn for another. It's important to buy the correct number of yards for your project and this will help you figure that out.


    9 - Comparing Needle Types

    verypink knits

    This video gives a good overview of needle types and the materials they are made out of. If you're not sure what type of needle will work best for your next project or you're just starting out with knitting, this is a good resource for you.


    10 - Comparing Needles and Needle Sets

    verypink knits

    This video contains most of the information from the previous video, however, it goes into a lot more detail on needle sets. If you're considering purchasing a needle set but are not sure what to get or what your options are, this is a good video for you.


    11 - Addi FlexiFlips

    verypink knits

    This is a good review of the Addi FlexiFlips and gives a demonstration of how they work as well. If you are considering purchasing these needles, click here.


    12 - Swatching

    verypink knits

    This video explains why swatching is so important and gives a lot of tips and tricks to make your swatches more effective.


    13 - Checking Gauge

    verypink knits

    This gives a good overview of what gauge is, why it's important, and how to check it.


    14 - Gauge - For Beginners

    Sheep & Stitch

    This video gives very detailed and clear information about gauge. If you are new to knitting or have never knit a project that requires you to pay attention to gauge, this is a great resource for you. The video is quite long and in depth, but it has a lot of useful information.


     15 - Changing Gauge in a Pattern

    verypink knits

    This explains when it's possible to change the gauge of a pattern and when it's not. It also explains the math behind changing gauge so you'll be able to do it yourself.


    16 - Sizing for a Sweater

    verypink knits

    If you're going to put in all the effort to make a sweater, it better fit! This video will help you figure out how to find the right size for whatever sweater you are knitting.


    17 - Calculating Yardage on a Partial Ball of Yarn

    verypink knits

    If you have some extra yarn laying around and you want to know how many yards you have left, this video will explain how to figure it out.


    18 - Wraps Per Inch (wpi)

    verypink knits

    This video explains what wraps per inch or wpi means and how to calculate it. If you have a ball of unlabeled yarn and you want to determine what weight it is, this video will show you how.


    19 - Garment Fitting and Blocking

    verypink knits

    This video goes into detail about making a sweater or other fitted garment from start to finish. It breaks down the process into 6 steps so you can ensure all your hard work will produce a beautiful end result.


    20 - Help for Tight Knitters

    verypink knits

    If you're trying to loosen up your knitting, this video gives you some tips and tricks to help you out. 


    21 - Edge Tension

    verypink knits

    This video will help you with your edge tension, which will ultimately help your overall tension and the final project. This demonstrates many of the common mistakes people make and how to fix them.


    22 - Ravelry: How to use Advanced Search

    verypink knits

    This video gives a straightforward walkthrough of how to use the advanced search feature on Ravelry. To follow along or try a search of your own, click here to open Ravelry.


    Looking for help on a topic not mentioned here? Check our other lists or send us an email with suggestions or questions at