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  • Mini Starter Projects for Crochet

    Mini Starter Projects for Crochet
    Bella Coco

    Mini Starter Projects for Crochet

    Important Note: this list uses US crochet terms, however, many of the videos will use UK and US terms. If you are getting confused, please click here to refer to the abbreviation and term differences guide.

    Looking for a video that shows these same techniques but in slow motion? Click here for instructions on how to slow down any YouTube video.

    Yarn Suggestions
    Many of these projects are shown using a Sport/DK weight yarn. If you are unsure what yarn to get, here is what we suggest:


    1 - Granny Squares for Beginners

    Bella Coco

    This video will give you a step by step tutorial on how to make the classic granny square. Whether you decide to make a blanket or just a couple test squares, this is a perfect first crochet project.
    For the left handed version click here.


    2 - Solid Granny Squares

    Bella Coco

    This is a variation of the classic granny square seen above. If you're looking to make a warmer blanket or a pillowcase this technique might be better for you.
    For the left handed version click


    3 - Flat Circle

    Bella Coco

    This video will show you how to make a flat circle, which you can use as a coaster or as the beginning of a bigger project. If you're having a hard time figuring out when and where to increase to get a flat piece of work, then this is a good resource for you.


    4 - Coaster

     Bella Coco

    This video builds on the techniques from the previous one, but is a little more difficult and adds a decorative look.


    5 - Hexagon

    Bella Coco

    This hexagon tutorial will show you a fun alternative to the classic granny square and when joined together makes a unique blanket.


    6 - Simple Flower

     Bella Coco

    This simple flower is a great beginner project and is an adorable embellishment for any garment.


    7 - Rose

    Bella Coco

    This rose tutorial builds on the technique from the previous video and adds a lot more dimension. These are perfect for embellishing garments, jewelry or headpieces.


    8 - Puff Flower

    Bella Coco

    This tutorial shows you how to make a puffy flower that can be used on its on as an embellishment or joined together to create a blanket or pillowcase.


    9 - Butterfly

    Bella Coco

    This tutorial will show you how to make these lovely butterflies. Use them to embellish children's clothes, a hat or jewelry.


    10 - Scrunchie

    Bella Coco

    This is a perfect beginner project and at the end you'll have a cute wearable accessory. These are super quick to make and are great gifts.
    For the left handed version click here.


    11 - Pumpkin

     Bella Coco

    This tutorial will show you step by step how to make a little pumpkin. These are perfect for fall decor either strung up as a garland or placed around the house.


    12 - Shamrock

    Bella Coco

    These little shamrocks are a perfect beginner project. Make a whole bunch to create a festive garland or just two to create a fun pair of earrings.


    13 - Mini Bunting

    Bella Coco

    This mini bunting is a great way to customize your holiday decor. Add crochet surface stitch (see #1 under More Crochet Techniques) to personalize or embellish with any of the mini projects on this list.
    For the left handed version click here.


    14 - Star

    Bella Coco

    This video shows you how to make stars in a variety of sizes. String up a garland of white stars for Christmas decor or make them in lots of different colors for a birthday garland.


    15 - Wreath

    Bella Coco

    These little wreaths are super easy to make and would be adorable Christmas tree ornaments.


    16 - Gift Tags

    Bella Coco

    This video will show you how to create a few fun gift wrap ideas for the holidays. This is a great way to add a personal touch to your wrapping. This project requires you to know how to do magic circle, if you are unfamiliar with this technique check #11 under More Crochet Techniques.


    17 - Christmas Tree

    Bella Coco

    This video shows you how to make a cute lacy Christmas tree that would work well as a piece of decor or sewn on to a garment.


    18 - Snowflake

    Bella Coco

    This tutorial is a little more difficult than some of the others on this list but it leaves you with a beautifully delicate snowflake. They look lovely dangling in windows or hanging from a Christmas tree.


    Looking for something you don't see here? Send us an email with suggestions or questions at