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  • Short Rows

    Short Rows
    Butterfly by Marin Melchior

    Short Rows

    Looking for a video that shows these same techniques but in slow motion? Click here for instructions on how to slow down any YouTube video.


    1 - Comparing Short Rows

    Roxanne Richardson

    This video is a good introduction to short rows and why they are used. This gives a clear comparison between different methods and their benefits. Below are videos of individual techniques so you can figure out which one is your favorite.


    2 - Wrap & Turn (w&t)

    verypink knits

    This method wraps the working yarn around a stitch before turning the work. The video below demonstrates how to pick up wraps.


    3 - Picking Up Wraps

    verypink knits

    This shows how to pick up your wraps so you end up with a smooth surface.


    4 - German Short Rows

    verypink knits

    This video explains german short rows and how to substitute them for another technique when making socks.


    5 - Japanese Short Rows

    verypink knits

    This is a method that eliminates the need for wraps and uses a clip marker. 


    Looking for a type of short row we didn't list here? Send us an email with suggestions or questions at